Taylors Art Designs

Beautiful Disaster
Beautiful Disaster High flow acrylic abstract painting, bright colored, on a 12'' x 16''
Mom and Baby Bear Painting
Mom and Baby Bear Painting It's an abstract, acrylic painting, textured all over, very colorful- Van Gogh Style
Sunset Resin Painting
Sunset Resin Painting Its on a 4'' x 4'' gallery wrapped canvas painting, with acrylic paint and resin
Original Elephant Coffee Painting
Original Elephant Coffee Painting This is an original elephant coffee painting on watercolor paper, its painted completely out of coffee grains, if its not varnished its very delicate and still has that coffee scent.
Resin Beach Tray
Resin Beach Tray This is a resin purple "sand" beach tray with real seashells that i found at South Padre Beach in Texas. This resin beach tray is a little heavy due to so many layers of resin on it and it being on a wood slice round block.
Resin Beach Seashell
Resin Beach Seashell This is a hand painted beach with resin in a pretty big seashell i got from my local craft store. Perfect for a ring dish, candle holder, or just home decor.
Real Leaf Art Painting
Real Leaf Art Painting This painting is black and gold with real fall leaves that i found in Texas, Its about 4 years old and still has those vibrant fall colors, for how old these leaves are. They have been varnished with UV protector gloss spray.
Alcohol Ink Owl Sign Painting
Alcohol Ink Owl Sign Painting I bought this wooden panel at my local art store cause it was pretty cheap and knew exactly what i wanted to do with it, although i didn't realize it was a wooden sign until i was completely done painting it, and honestly made me so much happier. This is an original alcohol ink owl on a wooden sign, it has pink, blue, gold, and purple in it.
Tropical Flamingo Painting
Tropical Flamingo Painting This is an original flamingo acrylic painting on 24'' x 36'' canvas, its a very tropical vibe and very colorful, as always.
Chaos This is my newest and biggest abstract painting I've painted yet, and I'm just in love with this and the technique just everything about this, will be adding two small ones to this big painting and make a small series out of them.
Blue and green Vinyl Clock
Blue and green Vinyl Clock This is an original alcohol ink painting on a recycled vinyl clock. Its a blue and green clock with gold hands and gold numbers
Resin Beach Trinket Dishes
Resin Beach Trinket Dishes These are hand painted resin beaches in these adorable heart shape and circle ceramic dishes, perfect for keys, rings/ jewelry or just home decor.
Day Dreaming Cloudscape
Day Dreaming Cloudscape " Day Dreaming " Is an original hand painted cloudscape print on 300 gsm watercolor paper.



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