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If you're ever interested in something different, then here are two examples of the very few coffee paintings i have done for a few customers.


If you'd ever be interested in a commission painting to your likings and would like to order one, please fill out the form below :


* I will need at least half of the the deposit up front to buy the supplies for the painting. It is a non-refundable deposit. *


* Note :  If you decide you don't want the painting anymore or cant afford it, please contact me and let me know you dont want it anymore. But you won't recieve the money back from the first deposit back, non-refundable. *



* Note :  You can add more colors if you'd like but it will be an additional cost to your tolal commission cost. *


If you have any questions about art, prices, or shipping or just want to make a comment or ask advice please fill out the form below I'd love to here from you! 

Application Form For Commission Paintings :


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