Taylors Art Designs

About me and My Creative Journey :


Hi, i'm Taylor Klein, 22 years old located near Dallas Texas,

I started painting shortly after highschool graduation,

I've always been creative in many ways just didn't know how to express my artist abilities until I started painting on canvases and acrylic paints and other mediums. 

Painting for me is a way to express myself and also a way to calm down and think ; painting for me is a way of meditation. 

I loose myself while creating a painting little did i know it was a hidden talent and passion of mine. 

I try to explore my creative ability ; I love painting don't get me wrong, but i also enjoy trying other mediums like resin, and alcohol inks, fluid paints, ect. 

Along with trying other techniques and different styles, i've also been practicing making clay bowls, and hopefully little clay scluptures too, still just practicing and learning everyday.

One of my dreams is that one day i can travel parts of the world, and be able to paint on the side of the street or sidewalks ( like musicians do ) and just be able to create and sell them right there.

That would be one of my biggest dreams ever to be able to turn it into a goal in the future.


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