Taylors Art Designs

This was a custom coffee painting from one of my most happiest and excited customers i've had yet. 

This painting is now living in Wylie, Texas. 

Me painting the mountains while being in the mountains, so relaxing there. 

The painting in that photo is based off a real lake in South Dakota, USA.

Hi, my name is Taylor Klein my passion is creating art and making people happy. 

I'm a self-taught artist, hoping maybe one day I can open up my own gallery/ building i can go and teach kids how to paint, or just go and have fun.

Action-Shot of me painting and working on my first cloud painting. 

This picture was me at my first art festival being a vendor for the first time!

It was so much fun and met alot of cool people there. Will be doing more in the future for sure, it was a great first experience. 

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